by onlusstupa

Stupa Onlus is a not for profit humanitarian organization established in Pisa, Italy, on 3 March 2007. The organization originates in the motivation of its 47 founders, who met at the first international meeting of stupa builders, which took place at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Pomaia, Italy, between 10 and 12 November 2006. The founders of the organization represent 12 different countries.
STUPA Onlus has the purpose of promoting, developing and managing humanitarian charitable work in Asian, Africa and latin America, no-profit activities, aimed exclusively at support, development, care, protection and prevention actions concerning social and humanitarian assistance via charitable work, without ideological, political, racial, religious and belonging discrimination, by performing social and charitable assistance activities.
This is a project aimed at reconstructing all the Stupa in Asia – Tibet, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Ladakh, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

It is concerned with the restoration of all the abandoned Stupa in ruins in Asia, which are estimated to be about 24,000, with the collaboration of local craftsmen, with the recovery and development of areas which may also be for tourism.
In all the poor areas, and where necessary, medical studios and structures for spreading education and the principles of basic hygiene regulations will be set-up during the restoration work.
Initially the project will be concerned with the restoration of the Stupa in Tibet, Nepal and Ladakh. These will be restored in honour of the those who built them thinking of the Holy Mind of the Illumination. All the positive energy produced in the reconstruction will be dedicated to peace in the world and the purification of all the internal and external causes leading to the death of the circa 24,000 human beings who die of hunger every day on the planet.